Knights of Sidonia Is a Mecha Anime with a Realistic Twist

An isolated human colony ship is on the run from aliens and the only effective defense they have left are giant robots. No doubt, you’ve heard similar setups before; but Knights of Sidonia plays the situation completely straight—from the real world physics to the societal implications. » 7/13/14 11:19am 7/13/14 11:19am

Your Complete Summer 2014 Anime Guide

Summer makes the world a sweltering wasteland, so why not hold up in air-conditioned comfort with the new anime season. Of course, with 44 new anime in the pipeline, how do you know which ones to watch? Check out the trailers and brief blurbs about each to see which of them catches your interest. » 7/08/14 8:36am 7/08/14 8:36am

The Newest Ghost in the Shell Explores Romance in a Cyborg World

This past weekend saw the release of the third part of Ghost in the Shell Arise in theaters across Japan. And while it is still full of all the cyberpunk police action you’ve come to expect from the franchise, Ghost Tears also delves into what romance is like in a cybernetic society. » 7/01/14 10:53pm 7/01/14 10:53pm

Here's How Long It Takes To Binge-Watch The Best Animated Shows

The Nielsen Company has created this handy infographic so that you can precisely determine how much of your life would be required to view every episode of every season of the top animated shows. That way, you can plan accordingly if a planet-destroying asteroid is just one week away from impact. » 6/28/14 12:11pm 6/28/14 12:11pm

Lumpy Space Princess Writes Awful Fan-Fiction, And It's Fantastic

In the third gender-swapped episode of Adventure Time, Fionna and Cake take a backseat to the supremely important savior of candy-king: Lumpy Space Prince. I mean, holy shit — have you seen his eyes? Those things are like crystal mirrors of flawless beauty. I was even hoping that watching this episode would make LSP… » 6/28/14 3:24am 6/28/14 3:24am

Things Could Be Far Worse Than Ben Affleck As Batman

When Ben Affleck was given the role of Batman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, the Internet didn't seem thrilled (though he handled the controversy well). Still, what few seemed to realize is that there could be worse actors to play Batman. FOX's Animation Domination High-Def shows us what a future full of other… » 6/23/14 12:31pm 6/23/14 12:31pm

Jake Doesn't Handle Being Rich Well On This Week's Adventure Time

I'm not sure why I haven't been leading every recap with the wonderful episode art each week, but we'll just pretend I always have been. Anyway, "Furniture & Meat" was a pretty solid episode despite not having much to do with this season's story. It does, however, finally address that boatload of gold Finn and Jake… » 6/21/14 8:53pm 6/21/14 8:53pm

Pixar's Next Short Isn't Out For A Year, But It Sounds Fantastic

It's safe to say that Pixar shorts are a cherished thing. Whenever they come out with a new one, animation fans rejoice at the simple beauty of the short-form storytelling. Fans also have high-expectations, too, as there hasn't ever been a bad short yet. Well, Pixar doesn't intend to disappoint, appointing veteran… » 6/20/14 3:39pm 6/20/14 3:39pm

Someone Finally Figured Out Why The Belcher's Are So Poor

On Bob's Burgers, everything is always about how poor the family is (or how awesome Louise is). They never have enough rent, or it always ends up getting spent or stolen. It's a situation many of us can relate to, though the show never makes an effort to actually explain just why the Belcher family is so poor. Is it… » 6/19/14 5:02pm 6/19/14 5:02pm

When Would Disney Princesses Bite It If They Lived In Westeros?

Most Disney movies project a world that is far different from Game of Thrones' Westeros. Still, there is royalty in both, and it's interesting to think about what would happen if these young women were dropped into a grittier world. Would they rise to the ranks as master-manipulators, or would they be murdered through… » 6/19/14 4:48pm 6/19/14 4:48pm

Gravity Falls Is Back August 1 With Lots To Look Forward To

Disney's answer to the likes of Adventure Time and The Regular Show returns at the beginning of August for its second season. The new season will give the cast plenty to do, with new creatures to combat and plenty of weird stuff going on in the Mystery Shack. Specifically, Dipper and Mabel will continue unraveling the… » 6/17/14 8:03pm 6/17/14 8:03pm

The Powerpuff Girls Are Back To Save The Day

Good news, everyone! Cartoon Network has just announced that The Powerpuff Girls are getting a 2016 rebooted return to TV. This all new series is largely a factor of the January re-imagining's success. We don't know whether the reboot will look like the January special or the original, but it's good to have the girls… » 6/16/14 4:41pm 6/16/14 4:41pm